Chris K. Howard

I empower companies to grow and evolve, all while making it easy for me to showcase my expertise and professionalism in front of every customer.

Technology is changing every day, which is why I always assess and use the very best ideas and tools needed to grow your business and take it to the next level in a meaningful manner. I believe that nothing is impossible as long as you have a great goal, the proper plan and a road-map that will help you bring those dreams to fruition. My primary focus is to foster and also sustain the innovation while taking it to the next level.

I am always committed to surpassing the customer expectations, all while bringing in front vetted solutions that you can rely on no matter what happens. I believe that it’s extremely important to drive sales for products and impact lives the best way possible.

The great thing here is that I can help any industry, no matter its focus and requirements. I believe that every industry should have an equal chance of promoting itself, and with my help you can totally do that.


Chris K Howard very strategic, and will always create the right plan based on your company’s requirements and assessments. On top of that, I focus on studying and improving every metric in order to make your business grow. I do all of that, all while adding in the very best and latest mobile and web technologies that you can find on the market. Every solution matters, and with my help you can totally achieve those amazing goals extremely fast.

Nothing is more important than bringing in front the very best solutions for any situation. I always study the market and assess as well as adapt everything in order to suit your needs. This way you will have no problem achieving the results you expect without pouring a lot of money into the entire process. Affordability is key for me, and with Chris K Howard help you can easily take things to the next level in no time! Every solution is carefully selected and fully tested before we present it to you and put it into perspective!



While my goal is to serve as your trusted partner, we understand many of my clients just need specific help. To those clients, I offer the following:

Email Marketing
Event Branding & Marketing
Graphic Design
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Automation

Social Media & Execution
Team Development

Analysis & Recommendations
Brand Identity & Guidelines
Brand Positioning
Customer Research
Digital Marketing,

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